I’ve always disliked having to write these short “descriptive” bios. I’ve listened in amazement (and often in boredom) as introductions for fellow speakers in conferences went on… and on… and on, and I’ve thought to myself, Wow! Is that really what’s important to that person? And I’ve wondered, how do you capture the essence of a person in a few words? What could I say that would tell you who I am? I could talk about my academic background: bachelor degrees in music and chemistry, a master’s in education, various other course work in apologetics and counseling. Or I could present a bunch of facts telling what I’ve done: written some articles and study courses, collaborated on a book, taught and spoken at conferences both nationally and internationally on a variety of topics, founded a non-profit foundation, etcetera, etcetera. I could get more personal and talk about my four incredible adult children and their equally incredible six children; that I would enjoy, but I don’t think it would accomplish the purpose for which I’m writing. I could talk about my life journey: where I’ve come from and where I am now, what I’ve thought and what I think now, journeying into the darkness and emerging into the light; this is could do, and will do, but not here. That will be told in the stories to come.

But I suppose I must stop stalling and get to the task at hand: writing something about me. Okay, here goes: Jan Riley is…well, I think I’ll let you find that out for yourself as the story unfolds.